Cheese Bread Co. was started from a mother-daughter duo one day craving a taste from their home roots, Brazil. Not being able to find their favorite snack, Brazilian cheese breads, in local super markets nor having grandma nearby to fix them up a batch, they had to resort to gathering up the ingredients and making it themselves. Minutes after the first batch was made, they realized that they weren’t the only ones who would be excited to indulge in these tasty treats! they quickly bought some more ingredients and made more cheese breads for neighbors, friends and family! The rest is history!

Madalena and Katharina have been making and selling Brazilian cheese breads since then, however only recently have they thought of going public with the idea! But they are finally ready to present to the world the most wonderful aroma, the perfect crunch and overall maybe the best thing you’ve ever eaten your life! World, meet Cheese Bread Co., Cheese Bread Co., meet world!